Choose one of our monthly plans and rest assured that you’ll receive the best of service

You can choose one of our packages according to your needs.
After you choose a monthly plan, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.



This is a good package for people who are interested in working with a Virtual Assistant and want to try out our service



The Basic package is good if you need help from time to time and when you are too busy to finish all your work by yourself. Just hand over your tasks to one of our Virtual Assistants

Semi Pro


Very good for business people and people who want to outsource tasks regularly. With 4 included video edits you could post one video every week on your social media and let a Virtual Assistant handle your social media posts and communication

Part Time


Get your own personal Virtual Assistant who will take over your work load and assist you on a daily basis. The Virtual Assistant will be available to you on a half- day basis, from Monday to Friday. This package includes 6 videos for your social media.

Full Time


Choose one of our personal Virtual Assistants who will just work for you! The VA will be available every day from Monday to Friday just for you and will take over your work, social media, phone calls etc. With 8 videos included you can post 2 videos every week on your social media

* The video editing includes a basic edit up to 30-45sec per video (posts, reel, ads, etc.). For different videos or additional videos we can send you a price list on request.

NGO discount 20% on all packages!

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